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Real Estate:

Whether buying a home or commercial property for your business in Panama City, or if you are in a real estate dispute, you should consult an attorney who knows this practice area well. A lawyer experienced in Panama City real estate law will better negotiate your transaction or dispute to ensure a fair and equitable solution.

Rob Sale is experienced in all forms of Panama City real estate law and is able to represent your interests so you gain the most from your transaction.

Eminent Domain:

Eminent Domain is a controversial and difficult area of law involving the power of a state or municipality to acquire private property for public use. If you are involved in an eminent domain dispute in the Panama City area, it is important to consult a lawyer who knows this region well and has experience with local government law.

Rob Sale has been a City Attorney and Assistant State Attorney in the Panama City area for nearly 20 years, and has conducted Eminent Domain litigation. If your property is being seized by the government, Mr. Sale is in a great position to help solve your legal problem.

Contact Rob Sale today.

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